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Cambodian start use internet to find local business instead Yellow Page

Cambodia people used to use the Local Business Directories to find local businesses – today they use the internet search engine.

“According to Google’s research, 65% of internet users in Cambodia use search to find local businesses.”

People used to use the Local Business Directies likes Yellow Pages to find local businesses – today they use the internet. Every business should have a website and every business owner should have a basic understanding of how search engines work and have a marketing plan in place.

Here is some research information:

65% of online users perform local searches
20% of all searches are related to location
43% of search engine users are looking for a local business
61% of local searches result in a purchase
82% of local searchers follow up with an offline contact such as a phone call, a visit to the store, or a purchase

What is SEO Marketing?

SEO marketing also referred to as Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the visibility of a website on search engine results pages. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration as a part of your strategy. A solid strategy considers more than just keywords.

Use inbound marketing strategy with SEO Marketing to let customers find your products and services easily, inbound marketing is about how attract more visitors to visit your website, covert them to be leads and customers.

Search engine optimization is about more than having a lot of content. It also includes making sure your website is well structured and can affect the development and design. It’s about making sure that you not only have content, but that it’s the right content. Search engines take the quality of content and the structure of a website into consideration when “ranking” a website.

SEO marketing isn’t something you do once and then you are done. The playing field is constantly changing as the search engines refine the way they work. The goal of a search engine is to deliver the most relevant results possible to the searcher.