July 24, 2018

Cloud CRM Software (Customer Relationship Management) in Cambodia

We are the one of leading CRM Software Company in Cambodia

Cloud Customer relationship management (CRM) entails managing the relationships you have with your customers in present and future, The Giantfocus offers CRM solutions for managing every aspect of your customer interactions , marketing management, service support or customer service management.

Do you want to increase your sale revenue 40% up? & do you want to know how deeply you aware  about your business performance for future business plan?

With CRM solutions, we have our sale and marketing expertise skills to help our customers to maximize business performance to top by design/setup your front line sale, marketing and service team process, setup CRM cloud software and offering the training, in order to ensure our customer is performing better, we will offer free support for 3 months.

We are partnering with our top CRM vendors in the world such as Podio, CapsuleCRM, Vtiger, SugarCRM, and Saleforce.

CRM Cloud

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Better profiling and targeting
  • Streamlined sales and marketing processes
  • Higher sales productivity & high close rate
  • Centralizes Information & deeply business data analysis
  • With Cloud technology & Mobile App, your staff can access anywhere & anytime
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction, improved service, loyalty, and retention

What We Help You:

  • Understanding & studying your front line team process/structure
  • Consulting on how to improve business performance and productivity
  • Design & structure business front line team process to meet with CRM
  • Setup Cloud CRM system (online & offline CRM System)
  • Setup Mobile CRM (Android & Apple App)
  • Build CRM process & data structure
  • Offer on site professional training
  • Free support 6 months

Giantfocus Co., Ltd is an Expert CRM Consultant in Cambodia.

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