July 24, 2018

Email Marketing Services in Cambodia

Email marketing service is a form of direct marketing which uses electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial or fund-raising messages to an audience.

A lot of Cambodia people is using email service and specially is business people, in order to get more wide customers and retain your existing clients, using email marketing service is most recommended, it will help you to engage new customer by building email list or database with super lead scoring and tracking tool in email marketing technology. With email marketing tool, it will help you to track and analyze your result after email campaign sent out and understanding who interesting in your email campaign very well, do you know?  it will reduce wasting time to  call many customers that we do not know who interesting.

We are partnering with Mailchimp & Constant Contact as top email marketing technology company in the world and Cambodia.

email marketing service

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Email marketing is No.1 marketing channel for reduced time & effort
  • Email marketing is very cost effective
  • Qualifying your leads or prospects with lead generating and lead nurturing
  • Easy for running promotions or discount to your new or existing clients
  • Fully tracking & measurable result and convert leads to your customers

What We Help You:

  • Build up your email list database
  • Giantfocus will give you over 25,000 email address (Cambodia email address)
  • Design your email campaign landing & brochures
  • Create & manage email campaign
  • We run Lead capturing setup
  • We build Lead scoring & nurturing analysis
  • Reporting and build short list of potential leads to your sale team
  • We can offer training service if customer has own team to use by themselves

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