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Traditional marketing vs Digital marketing (in Cambodia)

Traditional marketing ( print, tv, radio, telemarketing ) are still being used up to today in Cambodia… but in todays society it’s very dated. Today’s society is all about online media, if a customer searching for your company sees no website, Facebook, Youtube, or LinkedIn it’s a red flag and an instant turn off, although word of mouth is still very powerful, customers still want to see pictures, reviews, videos and website to back up the word of mouth before going to your business or buying your service or product.

“Why don’t you jump on board and join in on the new traditional marketing society.”

Traditional Marketing:
1: Spending a highly fixed rate on tv, yellowpages, radio ads.
2: Customers won’t watch tv ad, listen to radio commercial, throws away fliers.
3: Not Highly Measurable
4: Less geographical targeting

Digital Digital Marketing:
1: Facebook, Twitter, LinkeIn & Instagram
2: Free Youtube so customers can connect on an emotional level
3: Highly measurable marketing.
4: Only marketing to people searching for your product or services.

Did You Know?

1: There are over 1 billion people active on Facebook?
2: There are over 304 million people active on Twitter?
3: Google is the largest search engine in the world!!
4: YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world!!
5: Did you know that Google owns YouTube?